#ChronicChristmas Day 19: Be Kind to Someone

Christmas doesn’t just come from a store. Yes, we’re back to those immortal words by the green guy in my favourite Christmas special.

Because contrary to everything in every commercial starting earlier and earlier in November every year, this season isn’t actually about consumerism. It isn't even about buying presents for each other (or yourself).

This season is about being good to each other. About joy, and about loving your neighbour, regardless of when they last took a bath. And one of the most satisfying ways of showing that love and joy is by being kind to each other, even people you don’t know.

Some people like to practice random acts of kindness as they move about their days (The Pioneer Woman has some excellent suggestions if you need inspiration). Others make a decision with their loved ones to not spend money on gifts, but instead volunteer at a homeless shelter at Christmas, or perhaps send money to a worthy cause. And some still give each other gifts, but also remember that donation, or that act of kindness towards a stranger.

Being nice to other people doesn’t just make their day, it makes your is, as well. Watching a person’s eyes light up with the unexpected delight of being the focus of someone else’s kind act warms your heart, all the way into tomorrow.

What’s your favourite story of doing something kind for someone else?

#ChronicChristmas is an Advent calendar of tips for a sane holiday season with a chronic illness. Check back tomorrow for the next tip. To see all the posts in the series, click the #ChronicChristmas label below this post.


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