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Unknown said…
So sorry you’ve found the weight gain portion of the biological. (Not), seriously

I used th eat everything and never gain a pound, lost all my gained pregnancy weight in 6 months
I didn’t think I was prideful, but now it’s really evident. Been on methotrexate and placquenl for 10 years maxed out

Then they added humera which wasn’t effective then rhemicaid. I was working 12-13hour shifts as a nurse full time. Gained 46 lbs first year and then another 25 last November , can not get it off , I look very Cushingne , I express my concern to my docttor and he says sorry have you tried weight watchers? 🙄

Never weight over 119 since this journey and I would appreciate any advice,I’ve cut out sweets, bread, milk and most simple carbs no luck . Getting my shoulder fixed Thursday and hope to start exercising again . I appreciate all the support you give each other , you think your alone then you find these new friends waiting to help bless you all. I’m a nurse which makes me have sometimes unrealistic goals for my self but I’m getting better at saying no .

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