#ChronicChristmas Day 18: Buy Yourself a Present

You have a list, and you’ve checked it not twice, but a dozen times or more. It’s colour-coded, carefully organized to keep track of which gifts you bought for whom, who you’re still working on, where the gifts are on the various stages between stuck in the closet somewhere in a pile of bags to neatly wrapped and under the tree, and in just which closet/pile of bags individual gifts are located.

Or is that just me??

Somewhere in this rush to be good to others, you’ve forgotten yourself. Much of this Advent calendar has been about reminding you to slow down so you can enjoy the season. Today isn’t about that.

Today is about you getting a present!. The one you haven’t asked from anyone. The gift that no one thinks you really want, even though you’ve been dropping hints since July. The one you’ve wanted for years, but haven’t received yet. Or maybe something practical like a funky kitchen tool, or something that can help you live better with a chronic illness.

Who better to buy it for you than yourself? You know exactly what size you take, what colour you want, and where you can get a good deal on it. So do it. Keep it a secret, or tell everyone. Wrap it in some pretty paper with an extravagant bow, and write from Santa on the label. Confuse the heck out of everyone, and hug your special gift to your bosom with a contented smile.

What would you buy for yourself?

#ChronicChristmas is an Advent calendar of tips for a sane holiday season with a chronic illness. Check back tomorrow for the next tip. To see all the posts in the series, click the #ChronicChristmas label below this post.


Unknown said…
I'm usually an online shopper. I put clothes into my cart and let them sit there, debating whether I should buy them or not. Yesterday, I went shopping with my son, walked into Francesca's, saw a skirt that I immediately fell in love with, and bought it!!!! I loved buying something spontaneous for myself.

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