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The Tinks, Spring Party and... Frogs?

It's finally warm enough to send the kids out to the playground, so that means it's time for the annual Spring party! Seems like a good enough reason to me...

It'd been a while since we had a party, so an extra effort needed to be made. That meant party hats. Or rather, party animal party hats. The Boy suffered the ignominy of wearing both a teeny little bunny hat, plus simultaneously getting bunny eared.

I tried out the bunny thing, too

Photo by David
A few weeks ago, I met two wonderfully fluffy, ginormous frogs at a local store. Naturally, I had to get them for the Tinks. Did I mention they're huge?

Morgan named hers Waffles. Of course. Liam started a staring contest with his. They're still at it.

The Boy came bearing treats. From a nutfree bakery! Everything was decadently delicious, but the chocolate-caramel bars were the biggest hit. 

For me, The biggest hit was being able to eat everything. Not that I did — I sampled quite a few, but there was a lot of sugar, so I…

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