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Breaking News: I’m Not Crazy!

Between the damage from the big flare in 2004, as well as acquiring fibromyalgia around the same time, a number of interesting twists have been added to my life, the main one having become ridiculously sensitive. A millimeter’s worth of change can throw me off completely, triggering a cascading fibro flare with all its attendant wonder of symptoms. Change isn’t the only thing that does it, it can also be stress or physical strain and inevitably, it feels as if something really major has gone wrong with the way I’m sitting in my wheelchair. That usually brings along the aforementioned wonder of symptoms, which in addition to pain, includes a healthy dollop of anxiety. Half the time, it feels like I’m crazy and I’ve gotten used to it. I know that when something’s been done to my motors requiring me to sit with the back half of the chair lifted up in the air, I’ll feel like I’m sliding out of the chair for the next few days. Traveling more than 10 minutes in a van or bus means several day