A Short Interruption

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I’m beginning to wonder if the so far two-month long Fibro flare is going to be the new normal, at least (hopefully) for the duration of the winter. I’m not enjoying it. Aside from the really high pain levels and decimated energy, there is also the intensely excessive brain fog.

I’m surprised I can remember my own name at times. So much is falling through the cracks.

Of course, this happens in the middle of trying to finish some things for HealthCentral that I should have done last year (see: my health is in the toilet), a ridiculous number of medical appointments, a couple of big projects on my own plate, plus a small upgrade of The Seated View.

And then yesterday, my elbow crapped out to the point where it’s hard to use my arm. Did I mention this was my driving arm, my writing arm, and well… my everything arm?

I am so done with this winter. I mean, Christmas is over, why can’t we have summer now?

Here’s the thing. There is only so much of me to go around these days and that amount is much smaller than normal. So I have to make some hard choices and temporarily move seevral items from the Mandatory list to the Extremely Optional.

For the next little while, writing regularly for the blog will have to be optional. Which is actually quite timely, as I need to stop producing content when we get into the nitty-gritty of the upgrade.

Until I start writing here again in a few weeks, you can find me on social media:

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See you soon. Be good to yourself. Winter is dark and full of flares (to paraphrase the red woman).


Weist Valley said…
You have my sympathy. I know what it’s like. I have a winter long fibromyalgia flare every year. My to do list gets longer and longer.
Rick Phillips said…
I am sorry to hear about your arm. I hope things work out sooner than later. I had a difficult arm issue this past Summer / Fall so I completely understand. I suggest we buy matching arm slings?
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry that you're on the fritz! Just like other important equipment, why is it that our bodies seem to go on strike just when we need them the most. We will definitely miss you, but are looking forward to having you back. Sending you lots of "feel-better" and "high-energy" hugs!
Not your driving/everything arm! Aaarghhh!
I guess if there's a bright side, it's that this fibro-flare and bad elbow is all happening during the coldest, most icy part of the year, when it's hardest to get outdoors anyway. Get it all over with now so you'll be feeling great and out of the house like a shot once spring shows up.
I know. Oh, shut up, Wren.
Sending you a warm hug, Lene. I hope that elbow flare eases quickly and the fibro-flare moves along soon. Thinking of you.
Unknown said…
Oh friend, I'm so sorry! But, I'm glad you have given yourself this gift of putting things aside and prioritizing.

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