Photo Friday: The Squirrels of Queen's Park

A few weeks ago, we walked home from the Royal Ontario Museum and decided to wander through Queen's Park. This is both the seat of the provincial government of Ontario, as well as an actual park. And I'd never been there before. It was absolutely lovely, the low light of a November afternoon filtering through multi-colour changing leaves. It was quintessentially Canadian.

This is not exactly quintessentially Canadian, but certainly worth the photo. It’s not every day you see someone casually travel through downtown Toronto on a unicycle.

Queen’s Park is also close to the University of Toronto. Which is likely the reason for this

We met some of the inhabitants of the park. Namely the squirrels. Which appeared to be very well cared for by the government employees and hospital staff that work in the downtown area around the park. Because they were easily the healthiest, chubby us to squirrels I have ever seen.

Also the friendliest. As we entered the park and started walking down the path, they came running toward us. Really close, with a very clear expectation on their small furry faces. We were supposed to have brought offerings. As several of them came for the food we didn’t have, we all started feeling quite guilty.

Somehow, I think these wee critters will be okay this winter.


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