Myths and Facts about Biologics

Whenever you talk to someone about Biologics, you can hear a lot of different reasons not to take them. Many of these are not true. In my new slideshow for RAHealthCentral, I look at the myths and misperceptions about Biologics:

"Biologics are a relatively new class of drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA). They are highly complex medications and have many myths and misunderstandings about them. These may contribute to people with RA not getting the treatment that can help them. This slideshow aims to clear up the misperceptions so you can make better treatment decisions."

Learn more about the myths and facts of Biologics.


Rick Phillips said…
I love these myths. I bet I have heard all of these in the last six months. In fact, I heard the cancer issue two days ago. These side effects are scary. But i am so glad I take the medications.
Caroline said…
Very helpful. I am not on a biologic and the big reason is the TNF factor. They do not like prescribing biologics to those who have had cancer. I have had cancer twice so they keep saying no, even though my most recent diagnosis was 9 years ago. But my mother, who has not had cancer, has been on biologics for more than 15 years and her RA is mostly under control She has had RA since 1989 and has been on different ones until they stop working for her - 7 years on enbrel.

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