RA Complicatons and Comorbidities

A couple of weeks ago, someone bemoaned the fact that there wasn't a list of all the extra conditions and complications you have to be aware of when you have RA. So I wrote one:

"Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) isn’t just a bit of arthritis. It’s a serious disease that affects the joints and other systems in the body, including organs, tendons, and the vascular system.

Untreated, RA can cause serious complications. And when you have RA, you may also develop comorbidities, a word for medical conditions that occur with the main disease. We have articles on many of these complications and comorbidities in our archives, but wanted to present a more comprehensive list in one place."

You can read the rest of the list of comorbidities and complications of RA on HealthCentral


Rick Phillips said…
I believe type 2 diabetes screening should become a regular part of the RA check-up annually. I believe type 2 can be missed because we are struggling with RA and we cannot always separate the issues. I can see little downside for inclusion in our regular blood testing.

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