How to Interview a Doctor & Why You Should

Have you ever interviewed a doctor before signing on  as the patient? Not many people do — we just cross our fingers and hope for the best. In my new post for HealthCentral, I tell you all about how to interview a doctor and why you should:

"As a person with a rheumatoid arthritis (RA), one of the most important relationships you have is that with your rheumatologist. They are your partner in the fight against the disease, the person who supports and advises you, and sometimes the doctor who saves you. Finding someone with whom you can build relationship of trust, respect, and honesty is essential.

Why you should interview a doctor

One way to get a sense of whether a new doctor will be a good fit is to interview them. This can seem quite the revolutionary statement — traditionally, we are handed the name of our new doctor with not much choice in the matter. But by empowering yourself to think (and act) outside the box, you can create a situation where it is more likely that you and your doctor will be a great team."

Read the rest of the tips on interviewing a doctor on HealthCentral.


Rick Phillips said…
Here is my pro tip, if they do not laugh in your first meeting, move on down the highway. I demand doctors I like and who like me. So laughter is a must on each visit. Including the first one.

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