Amongst the Woofs

This weekend was spent immersed in the canine species. It was time for the annual dog festival, known as Woofstock and it is one of the happiest weekend of the year.

Very early on, we were greeted by this matched pair and what better way to set the tone for the festivities been a tough dude with a tiny dog?

On the other end of the continuum, we met this Bull Mastiff that was the undisputed king of slobber

As usual, there were quite a few bulldogs. In other years, I've been entranced by their faces and this was the first time I really noticed the other end. I had no idea they had symmetrical cow licks on their butts! Also? That tail is the cutest

We met a walking pom-pom

and so another small dog - Pekinese cross? - that managed to assume the perfect pose at all times

This one had perfect markings and colourings and I loved the expression

And speaking of perfect colouring, this may have been the most beautiful dog there

There was also a dog costume contest. I have yet to see a dog that seems completely comfortable with getting dressed up, but this one was my choice for the winter

I fell in love with corgis. Especially corgi puppies

Despite my earlier fascination with the rear end of Bulldogs, I veered into falling in love with eyes. Beautiful eyes

And at the end, there was funnel cake. Another kind of beauty



Diane said…
Every year, you remind me that I really ought to put Woof-fest on the looks like fun!
AlisonH said…
Golden Retrievers have always been a favorite of mine.
Anonymous said…
I see plenty of dogs in the forest, but they're usually muddy and not as cute as the city dogs all fancy for the big party.

But what really made me all envious were the funnel cakes! (Oh, how I used to love those!!!!! Mmmmmm.)
LynnM said…
Above funnel cake comment from me--LynnM

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