Tinks with Bubbles

The Tinks came this past weekend and Mormor (Danish for grandma) had bought bubble paraphenalia. And we all had a glorious time.

John got us started with a couple of beautiful ones

The Janne had to outdo us all

I got into it, too

Photo by Janne/TinkMama

But let's not kid ourselves. The most important people there were the kids.

Liam blowing and trying to catch at the same time

Morgan admiring her work

When you're 4, nothing can make you quite as happy as bubbles

And jumping for bubbles

And then a storm pulled up and we went back inside. It was a wonderful day

And to start your weekend on a good note... That offensive postcard on George Smitherman's site I mentioned on Wednesday? Has been removed. Read more on Dave's blog. Thanks to everyone who joined the protest
. We made change happen. I am overwhelmed.

p.s. That double "I hate you" in the title? My apologies. Problems with Blogger, problems with Dragon that apparently turned on by itself, obediently dictated my swearing at the computer and I didn't notice. Because I'd been attempting to edit the post, not the title. Sigh. Thanks to Lissa for saving me from myself.


AlisonH said…
Four?! They're FOUR already??! Wow.

And the world they're growing up in just got a little better. Break out the bubbles!
Lissa said…
Too cute!

Out of curiosity was the title intentional? The "I hate you". 
Lucia said…
Splendid bubbles. Lovely children. Advice to parents: stock up on sticks now.

And let's hear it for reasonable politicians. I'm not sure we have any left. Maybe they keep better where it's cold.

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