Annual Shamelessness/Contest

This week has kicked my arse. There was a lot of work, there was forgetting of moving slowly and subsequent consequences, there were various disability related expenses hemorrhaging, much delay of certain administrative things that really shouldn't be delayed, Buskerfest has started and although I'm sure I could get a good rant going on minimal provocation, I choose to not. Because I'm taking a long weekend starting now and am therefore in a spectacularly good mood. Or will be soon.

One of the reasons I'm taking a long weekend is that it's my birthday tomorrow and much to my delight, due to my uncle arriving next week from Germany and the family birthday shenanigans being delayed another week, I will not have merely a birth day, but a birthday fortnight. I love extended celebrations.

To kick things off, I'm having a contest to spread the good mood. The winner will receive an 8x10 print of their choice from my Flickr page. Contest closes Sunday evening at 6pm EST. To enter, leave a comment telling me what made you smile today.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said…
Being woken up by the purring of my 2 month old kitten.

Enjoy your weekend and TAKE CARE OF YOUSELF!
Trevor said…
Going to the Massey Fair for my annual dose of scones (not the usual kind - these are native Canadian - basically huge lumps of deep-fried dough).  Seeing that one of my favourites, scone with bologna, was not listed on the menu.  Ordered a scone dog instead, but then asked why they weren't serving the bologna kind, and was told they were, and that they must have forgotten to write it on the menu board.  Hey!  Don't judge me.  I only have them once a year.

Happy Birthday!!  HUGS!!!!
mor said…
Happy, happy birthday to my lovely daughter. May your birthday fortnight be wonderful.
Michelle said…
Happy Birth Fortnight Lene! May you be surrounded by good  friends, family, the beverage of your choice in plenty.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, crazy lady. 
deb bennett said…
What made me smile?  Pictures of sunsets in Alaska.
Janne/Tinkmama said…
Watching the Tinks go on their first rollercoaster ride without us made me smile; they absolutely loved it!

Hope you had a great day yesterday Big Sis!  xoxox
WT said…
Lene, please accept my sincere apologies for being so tardy in wishing you Happy Birthday (mine was on the 24th, so I know how long ago it seems). Anyway Happy Birthday xoxox

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