Preparing for Your First Appointment with a Rheumatologist

This week on MyRACentral, I get practical:

"There you are, on the sidewalk outside your doctor's office, a referral to rheumatologist in your hand, your doctor saying I think you may have rheumatoid arthritis ringing in your ears and somehow, the world is tilting a little. Nevermind possibly facing the rest of your life with a chronic illness, right now, you're worried about the appointment with the rheumatologist. What can you expect? What can you do to prepare?"

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k said…
A friend of mine knew she had it; her dad had it, and she was getting so sore. Still, she cried a lot when she got the diagnosis. Now she's facing up to the fact that she won't be able to work in physical jobs any more, and that she's going to have to have help, either filing for disability or getting retraining or both. I keep telling her that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train, and that she needs to fight for this.
That fight, for the best life we can get. Every day.
fridawrites said…
As always, your words are wise and will be very helpful to those new to this world.  My initial reac<span>tio</span>n to my arthritis was denial.  I read the brochure I was handed after being told and then the doctor wisely left me alone to read it and think.  It would have been helpful for me then to have suggestions like yours.
sisongs said…

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