Random July

We start with a link sent to me by mor. The world-o-meter - if you want to blow your mind by just how quickly changes happening in on this planet.

I love finding people who agree with me. Aside from that, it's a good blog.

What would I do without my friends? Three of whom have been diligent in providing me with thought-provoking and entertaining links this month.

First, LynnM. She started with a real look at Disney princesses (which tickled me to no end, as I find Disney princesses just a little too cheerful). Then she continued with a somewhat related segue of some rather disturbing and unbelievably sexist ads, one for Burger King and the other one from Sprite. Don't click on those at work. Lynn also sent me an intriguing article responding to the FDA panel’s recommendations about opiates and lastly, a dolphin stampede. What I wouldn't give to have been in that boat.

Trevor forward a couple of interesting articles that will qualify as your disability content in this post. Abercrombie and Fitch has an interesting Look Policy and is suffering interesting consequences and an opera singer performs from a wheelchair. And a kid tries the old school version of a personal music player, giving up his iPod for Walkman and writing about his impressions. Absolutely hysterical,and a moment of incredulity at how far we've come.

DavidG sends a new look at art (I'm especially fond of the lion), a clip from a the movie The Little Prince with Bob Fosse - do any of those moves look familiar? A hysterical review of the recent Transformers review and speaking of movies, an award-winning animated short. The things we miss in nature if we don't look closely enough.

And in closing, your – to borrow a phrase - moment of (massive) zen. The second-largest aquarium tank in the world. Ahhhh…


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