Family Visits

Remember AB? She's been by again and this time, she brought her family - her husband Bjarke and their kids Camilla and Chris. As usual, being with AB felt like home and despite not having seen the kids since 2005

and Bjarke for at least as long, it was like we hadn't been apart for more than a few weeks. They're on their annual vacation, which this year started in the state of New York, then Ontario and us and Saturday, they flew to Vancouver where they'll spend a couple weeks in BC and Alberta. They hadn't been gone for more than a few hours before we missed them terribly again.

Camilla pondering (no doubt to take over the world)

Chris immersed in a book

Morgan Smiley Girl having icecream

and flying upside down

Liam’s hard to catch in a photograph, but this time, I managed to get a couple of good ones when he was sitting with Janne.

And afterwards, Liam bestickered everyone

AB and Camilla doing cooperative Sudoko

The whole family


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