Random February

Starting off with a few items filed under the category of "things that make you go huh".

was watching Bones the other day - and wasn't this weeks episode awesome? - and at the end of every commercial break, we get The Warning: "this episode may content graphic forensic content, viewer discretion advised." Right. The shows is called Bones… main character is a forensic anthropologist… ya think on the graphic forensic content??

nd while we're on things that happen on my television screen. I've also recently watched The Great Escape and it reminded me of something that confused me for years. The RAF side cap which is a fantastic uniform accessory, making the whole thing seem very heroic and jaunty and very, very British, except …. so it's perched askew right above the ear on the side of the head (example here). How on earth did it stay on??? (as an aside, you can buy them here and a selling point is the “itchy scratchy fabric!”)

I checked out the Weather Network on Friday to see how much snow we begin on the weekend and they said if you flurries. Then, on the very next screen showing details on precipitation, it said "close to 10 cm". I don't think that word means what you think it means...

On through the link-o-rama. First up, I celebration of Dubya’s exit, a real ad from Australia. And staying within politics, from DavidG, one of the best (and saddest) editorial cartoons I’ve ever seen . Made me need a very long moment of quiet grief.

Hard to segue off that, so I'm not even going to try. Trevor sent me a clip about the Internet in 1981 (you've come a long way, baby), the Canadian quiz, a new report about a truly brilliant hack and the best condom commercial ever.

I forget who sent me this little clip about a German coast guard trainee, but I laughed for days. Ken retaliated with a standoff between the U.S. Navy and a very calm Irish voice.

Apparently, today's all about the uniforms, because LynnM sent me this virtual pilot. This displays my first score and I don't want to talk about how obsessed I've been since.

I forget how I found this link to the fastest growing sport in Norway. There’s a rumour out there that Scandinavians are a perpetually suicidal bunch and… well. I believe this is proof.

On the musical front, Another Outspoken Female posted this rather wonderful antidote of sorts to the song that shall not be mentioned and I recently found It Happens by Sugarland and it was rated made to finally get off my arse and get one of their albums.

And last, to leave you transported by breathtaking beauty… I recently watched a documentary called the Wild Horses of Sable Island in which a photographer by the name of Roberto Dutesco went to Sable Island to photograph the wild horses there. The images are out of this world. This is his gallery - and I call myself a photographer? - that has other beautiful images, but I'm stuck on the ones from Sable Island, so captivated that I'm pretty sure I'll be sending them an e-mail to inquire about prices of the small print. You can also see clips from the documentary on the site. And one more about horses… Mary sent me this clip of a dancing horse. Take your breath away.


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