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The hair continues to provide moments too good not to share. First there was the Badness, then the improvement and now...

I could pad this, could write a lot of words leading up to what this post is really about, but too many words would take away from the sublime ridiculousness of the moment. And besides, my shoulder still has loud and decided opinions about what I do and what I shouldn't do (spending time at the computer remains high on the latter list), so here goes.

I went to the market on Friday, as I do most Fridays, to get my weekend grocery shopping done away from the hordes that invade the place on Saturdays. Among other things, I stopped by the butcher for my weekly dose of kielbasa. As I'm paying, the following exchange takes place (butcher staff identified by initial only to protect her anonymity)

R: I like your hair.
Me (happily, because I really like it, too): thanks!
R: you look pretty now!
Me: ………?


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