4th Annual Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading

Today is the Feast of St. Brigid (as well as Imbloc and Groundhog Day) and that means it's time for the annual poetry celebration. The first year, I posted Pablo Neruda, the second I sort of forgot - although I'll argue that this picture is a visual poem, a paean to sunshine in the depths of winter - and last year, it was Thomas Traherne. This year, I've decided to post one of my own. Worthwhile Endeavors first appeared in Borderlines.

Worthwhile Endeavors

I don't work
well, not for pay anyway
I cannot work (for pay)
I lost my ability to work (for pay) years ago
a disability can do that
mess with your ability to do things

What use am I if I cannot work (for pay)?
in this world, what use are any of us if there’s no employment to go to?

You don't work (for pay)?
What happened to your spine, your get-up-and-go, your work ethic, your independence, your stamina
What is your excuse, your justification, your
Why do you not participate
why are you sitting at home watching soaps/eating bonbons/collecting a fat government cheque without doing anything for it?
Must be nice

Shall I be grateful, then
Will that make you feel better about your taxes subsidising my existence?
Shall I point to the disability, shall I act crippled?
Would it be okay then,
to not work
(for pay)?

Would that
the cheque?


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