Lene – pronounced Lena — is an award-winning writer, health and disability advocate and photographer living in Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Denmark, Lene has had juvenile arthritis since she was four years old and has used a power wheelchair since her teens. She has a Masters Degree in Social Work and is the Community Leader of HealthCentral RA site. Lene shares her home with a cat and too many books.

The combination of personal and professional experience lends a unique quality to her writing about living with RA, chronic illness and disability. Lene emphasizes empowerment and positivity, focusing on capability and finding joy.

Accessibility Work
In addition to a busy writing career, Lene also advocates for accessibility and disability awareness. She serves on a number of community committees, providing the accessibility lens to construction projects. She also performs practical accessibility assessments of the built environment upon request.

Lene has exhibited her photographs several times. You can purchase selected prints and other products featuring her work in The Seated View shop.



Tony said…
I admire you. Honestly I don't know how you do it. I have only been fighting this for 3 years and I am just tired of trying to find something that works. I get so tired of going on to something else and wondering what kind of reaction will this cause. I've been on humira, enbrel and now orencia. Its such a drain.

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