Chronic Christmas Giveaway #2: Integrale Cutlery - WINNER

I should have these giveaways more often – I’m having a blast. What about you?

There was a lot of excitement about this week's prize, the beautiful adaptive Integrale cutlery. Thank you so much again to Heubl for donating a set to give away.

And the winner is….

Tony Kitchell, who left a comment on the blog saying "This cutlery would finally make it so that I won't have to wince in pain just to butter toast. I can eat without putting on splints."  

Congratulations, Tony! Please email me at leneATyourlifewithraDOTcom to claim your prize.

Tune in tomorrow for Giveaway #3!


Rick Phillips said…
Congratulations Tony !!
Unknown said…
YAAAAY! for Tony! Congrats!

Now, Lene, HOW can those of us in the USA obtain sets of the Integrale Cutlery?? (Other than in a contest?) Being hopelessly monolingual, I couldn't read the page.
Unknown said…
YEAH Tony! Let us know how it works for you
Tony said…
The cutlery is great! My h easier on my hands.

Thank you again!
Tony said…
If only I could hit the right keys. Much easier!

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