Chronic Christmas Advent Giveaway #2: Integrale Adaptive Cutlery

Does your disability or chronic illness make it difficult for you to use using regular cutlery when you eat? Then do I ever have a great giveaway for you!

Isabel Heubl created Integrale because adaptive cutlery “wasn’t only ugly, but didn’t fulfil all the functional aspects needed either.” She worked with a large group of people whose chronic conditions and disabilities affected their ability to use their hands to develop something that was not just functional, but also beautiful. “The users were the ones telling me what they needed and wanted and I was simply the one that put it into a shape.”

Integrale has been on the market in Europe for two years now and Isabel often receives notes from people whose lives have been changed by using the cutlery.

“It is so practical and I use it all the time. It allows me to eat the way I used to be able to eat. It sits so well in my hand” – Edith from Hamburg

“dinner out with our children and their spouses yesterday, so good to be able to enjoy it without struggling to eat my meal.” – Jill from England

Isabel has given me a set of the Integrale cutlery to give away to one of you!
I’m trying Rafflecopter for this giveaway to make sure I don’t miss any of your entries. 

Here is how it works:

To enter, leave a comment telling me how this cutlery could make your life easier.

To get extra entries, you can once a day tweet out this message

I entered Chronic Christmas #giveaway #2: Integrale adaptive cutlery on @TheSeatedView #chronicillness #disability

You can also visit my Facebook page.

Enter by Saturday, December 9 at 6 PM ET.

Ed: I've heard that some are having problems with this function. Leave a comment on the blog the regular way — I'll keep track of them. The same goes for a Twitter and Facebook, as long as you remember to tag me.
Supposedly Rafflecopter keeps track of it all if you use the links listed in it. If you’re suspicious about how easy that is (as admittedly I am, just a bit) here is the reassuring part. I will keep track of your comments and your tweets. If you want to be sure that I can see your visit to my Facebook page, leave a message there, as well.

Make sure you come back next Sunday, December 10 to see who won!

To learn more about the cutlery or chat with Isabel, visit the Integrale Facebook Page.


Sandra said…
These would certainly make it easier to eat my Christmas dinner! And everyone else will be using plastic cutlery lol...
Unknown said…
This beautiful adaptive cutlery would help me so much at Meals!
Rick Phillips said…
What a cool concept, but as a former winner I will ask not to be entered. Hey give someone else a turn once in awhile.
Chrys Chaparro said…
I would love to win this for my precious brother who suffers from RA. He is in pain a great deal of time, gets terribly fatigued yet never complains. It breaks my heart for him and I would love for him to have these to help improve his life. Thanks so much
Caroline said…
My hands are fine so far but my mother's hands are awful. She has had RA since 1989 and has problems holding anything, including silverware. I would give them to her so she can eat more easily.
Unknown said…
I have been craving these since I first heard/read about them on your blog. I've tried several other so-called "handicap cutlery," but they just don't work. My wrists won't turn the way they need to, so I end up holding cutlery like a child and spilling food off them if I'm not super-super careful. This set of cutlery would make life so much easier, less painful and less "messy." I hope I can win the set!
Unknown said…
My regular cutlery is very thin and therefore, harder to hold. These look like they'd be much easier to handle and especially, to cut with. Thank you!
Aunt K said…
Sure would be nice to cut my own meat for a change, but I'm not one to win things, I won th best man in the world 26 years ago this month, I used up all my allotted luck.
anetto said…
I'm always jumping up from the table to get a better knife to use. It's great to see some elegant cutlery that could replace my "past its' best before" cutlery
Tony said…
This cutlery would finally make it so that I won't have to wince in pain just to butter toast. I can eat without putting on splints. Thank you Lena for all your info.

Tony Kitchell
Anonymous said…
You posted about these awhile back and I looked them up but didn’t follow through with a purchase. What a great way to try them out!
Unknown said…
With these, I might actually eat with cutlery more often. So many of my suppers are finger food or really soft foods that are easy to manipulate with a taped up spoon.

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