How to Make Peace with Medication

So I did mention the thing about playing catch up, didn't I? That includes a post that I'm particularly fond of.

One of the things that's a big struggle when you get diagnosed with a chronic illness is getting used to taking medication:

"Getting diagnosed with a chronic condition often means getting one or more prescriptions for medication. Whereas the diagnosis may have given you a sense of relief to have some answers, most of us reflexively balk at the thought of taking medication for the rest of our lives. We still want to see ourselves as healthy, and taking medication doesn’t seem like something “healthy” people do.

How I learned to (almost) love my meds
I’ve had severe juvenile idiopathic arthritis since I was four years old. I grew up at a time when there were no treatments for this condition. It’s why I started using a power wheelchair as a teenager. You’d think this would automatically make me pro-medication, but that wasn’t the case. I’ve done my share of resisting, delaying, and twisting myself into pretzel shapes to avoid the drugs. Then things got very, very bad 12 years ago and I surrendered, accepting some pretty powerful medication. And they saved my life, both literally and figuratively. These days, I am completely at peace with these meds."

Read the rest of my post on making peace with taking meds on Mango Health.


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