The Benefits of Writing with Chronic Illness

Writing helps me in it many different ways. When I'm writing regularly, my dreams are a little less weird. It also helps me organize my thoughts, work out how I feel about things when I'm confused, and it helps me cope with my chronic illnesses. And I'm not the only one — research shows that expressive writing is very beneficial for people with chronic illness and chronic pain. I share more about this on my new post for Mango Health:

"I started journaling in my teens. My juvenile arthritis had exploded around that time, and I spent a lot of time in hospitals. I was lonely, raw with homesickness, and overwhelmed by everything about a very active state of inflammatory arthritis. So I started writing, and I never really stopped.

Once I was out of the hospital and back among my peers, I was still feeling fairly lonely, with an extra dollop of teenage angst like a nuclear cherry on top. Writing in my journal helped me express how I felt, and in doing so, also process life, the universe, and everything else. Ever since, I have turned to writing whenever I need to work something out. It is where my soul finds peace."

Read more about how writing can help you cope with chronic illness on Mango Health.


I agree completely. There is something about writing that helps my focus and organizing of thoughts. It calms my mind and makes me feel good about accomplishing something and creating. Every win is a positive, good thing.
Rick said…
I know I feel better when I write and have and have something I think it is important. Being the best part is when someone reads it. Even if it is me.

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