10 Characteristics of a Great Healthcare Team

There are a lot of medical professionals involved in treating a chronic illness then it's important that they work as a team.  But what does that look like? My new slideshow for HealthCentral shares 10 characteristics  of a great healthcare team:

"“Simple” is not a word usually associated with chronic illness, and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is no different. Getting to a place where you are as healthy as possible requires a number of health professionals in addition to your primary care physician. When these work together as a team, rather than separate and isolated specialties, it optimizes your health care and helps you live a better life with chronic illness. A great health care team can be defined by several characteristics."

Pop on over to HealthCentral to see t what makes for a great healthcare team.


Rick said…
Humor is my number 1. I always love a doctor or provider with a good story and laugh. All else can be forgiven.

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