Walking in A Cloud

It was a fairly dismal March day — cloudy, with tiny pellets of snow pelting my face as we walked west. We were in need of adventure, but uncertain what kind, so decided to pick a direction and see what happened. Union Station loomed ahead and since neither The Boy or I could remember when we were last there, we went to explore and look at trains. It was ComiCon weekend, so we happened upon cosplayers in a variety of costumes, from homemade to elaborately beautiful. There were also a superhero or two. Oddly enough.

(click photos to embiggen. All photos in which yours truly appear are © David Govoni)

And then we were on the ground between the aquarium and the CN Tower. Looking up, it was impossible to see the bubble where everything happens — the observation deck, the glass floor, and so on.

So naturally, we went up.

As we bought our tickets, the teller made sure that we understood there was zero visibility. “We know,” we said. “That’s why we’re going!”

I have no idea why they looked at us funny.

Going up in the elevator was fantastic, as usual. It moves so fast it’s like flying. And this time, we moved from a clear view of the city into the clouds.

We started on the Lookout Level, a mere 346m above the ground. And it was a ghost town.

I’ve been to the CN Tower several times and I have never seen it this empty. Of course, this did enable me to get up close and personal to the windows to see outside.

Not sure why I needed to do that. It felt like we were in Stephen King's The Mist . Hopefully without the creepy crawlies, though.

They still would let me out on the Edge Walk. I’m working on it.

After we’d seen our fill of white space, we went down about 4m to the next level. Where we had tons of fun on the glass floor along with the few other kids there, who were all busy freaking out their parents. Somehow, adults usually aren’t too fond of the glass floor.

And then came the best part. We went out to the Sky Terrace. 

Once there, we found out the difference between ground-level (somewhat chilly, very little wind, tiny pelting snow) to 342m above the ground (much colder, howling winds making it super cold, and discovering that at this temperature, clouds are made of tiny ice chips. Pelting tiny ice chips).

It was incredible! We circled the Sky Terrace twice, with a break in between to a warm up, and if it hadn’t been because my toes were perilously close to falling out of, I could’ve stayed out there for a few hours.

Walking through clouds was an amazing adventure. 



Rick said…
I have been up there on a warm day it was chilly. I cannot imagine being up there on cold day. Brrrr..
Dogandduck said…
I just watched this on "the Globe trekker". I don't think I could do that! My husband had a hard time getting to go to the edge of the Eiffel Tower.
I am getting chicken in my old age. 😃
We stayed on the 22 floor of a hotel and I kept the curtain closed. Would not go on the balcony
Man. I am a wimp.

I am glad you had the chance to float in the clouds.

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