One Year Later

I'm so glad to be here.

I wanted to write something for today. One year ago, on March 30, 2016, things went south after I was extubated, I flatlined, but through some highly skilled intervention, I survived. That is one hell of a miraculous gift. Although I am normally full of words about the experience, the aftermath,, and all the feels involved, I find myself  oddly speechless on this, my first Zombie Birthday.

All I know is that I am so grateful.

So instead of writing a whole lot of words basically expressing that I don't know what to say, I thought I'd instead share some photos from the past year.

Life. Isn't it wonderful?

And this... well. It's my Zombie Birthday, after all. I had to. Thanks, Alex.



Rick said…
I don't care what anyone says you cannot beat a genuine cow lick.
One year! That's worth celebrating, even if it's Zombie-style! :)

Anonymous said…
I don't think your'e a Zombie, I think your'e a incredible person by the way you express your self with few words and humours photo's, good on you girl !
AlisonH said…
Love love love this, and then Rick made me burst out giggling.

To life!
cathy kramer said…
Life is wonderful. And these pictures are the best. I can't wait to see more and more happy days. Glad you are here friend.
Every day is a gift from God! I have RA-Lung Disease, its in my eyes too. Back in November I had a flare so bad my right lung cracked two ribs. 4 weeks later, I ended up in ICU with pulmonary emboli in both lungs (that I am still nursing). My rheumy said I should not have walked away from it. "do you know how blessed your are??" she said. I responded "yes, indeed I do." When you battle what we battle each and every day, every moment is a gift. I was told 1 1/2 years ago after the RA-Lung diagnosis and a bout of pneumonia that almost did me in that time too, that 3 to 4 years was average. Well, I'm not average. I'm here till my work is done. From then on, its not day-to-day, I live moment by moment, because we just never know. Rock on girl!!
LynnM said…
Love it. Maybe we all need a reminder, though not as intense.

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