Body Image and Chronic Illness: How to Be Bodacious

Chronic illness can seriously mess with your body image, leaving you feeling disconnected and far from attractive. In my new post for Mango Health I look at ways to get back to feeling bodacious:

"Where did the vibrant old you go? The person who felt at home in her own skin, who laughed and danced and took initiative? Living with a chronic illness is like living with a voracious monster that eats everything in sight: your energy, physical ability, social life, self-worth. And in some ways most devastating of all, your belief in your own attractiveness.

But just as chronic illness can take, it can also give you a unique opportunity to rebuild. To accept and love yourself even more than you did before and to become fully realized as a strong, confident person. Here are a few ways you can become bodacious.

Save your sweatsAh, sweats. They have the comfort of pyjamas and let you leave the house without looking entirely indecent. But they also make you feel invisible and decidedly unsexy. My recommendation is to save sweats only for the very worst days. Skinny jeans and form-fitting tops may be too uncomfortable for everyday wear, but you can still develop a different style."

Read the rest of the tips on becoming bodacious on the Mango Health blog.


Rick Phillips said…
Not that I am bodacious, well except in my own mind, I have found self-advocacy is the one thing that has done me the most good. I suggest it for everyone it is how I have found to get I along int he world.

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