Am I Single Because I Have a Chronic Illness?

It's something almost every single person who lives with chronic illnesses wondered: am I single because of my condition? The answer in my new post for HealthCentral:

"When you’re single in what seems to be a sea of happy couples it’s all too easy to look at reasons for your singleness with an excessively critical eye. For those of us who live with chronic illness, it can feel obvious to blame our condition for not having found love. But is it? To my thinking, the answer is both yes and no.

Yes, you are single because of your chronic illness

A chronic illness affects every area of your life, including relationships. Dating takes a lot of energy. When your chronic illness is being particularly present and requires all your attention, while at the same time draining your emotional and physical batteries, there’s just enough of you to get through the day. Meeting new people, getting dressed up and going out, putting your best foot forward, and following up to show your interest… Well, it’s exhausting just thinking about it. During those times, it might be best to focus on getting better before you make plans to find your Prince/Princess Charming."

Read the rest of the post (including why you aren't single because of chronic illness).


Rick said…
Lene, I love the post. I obviously do not think that anyone is single because of chronic conditions. But I do think when we have a chronic condition it can be more difficult find the right person. Some of that is self-imposed and other parts can be caused because of societal prejudice. I am glad you have found the love of your life.

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