A Tink Christmas

For those of you who are new to my little corner of the world, I need to introduce the Tinks. Three years ago, my sister and brother-in-law created a set of beautiful twins named Morgan and Liam - I blogged about the day they were born here and John (a.k.a. TinkPapa) gave the background of the nickname on his blog (it's on the right sidebar, I'm too technologically inept to figure out the link to a mirror site) (and although their parents no longer call them the Tinks, I persist).

We all gathered at my mothers as usual on Christmas Eve and after a wonderful dinner, we attempted a bit of carol singing, as tradition dictates. However, the kids were too revved up about all the presents and given that they had already waited several hours, we proceeded quickly to the tree

Liam opens a book with pictures of himself over the past year (a Moster tradition) (Moster is the Danish word for mother's sister)

Morgan becomes Nisse and it suits her well

Janne (a.k.a. TinkMama) takes Liam for a spin

John and Morgan open presents together

the kids help
Ken open his presents

and lastly, Tuck Unwanted found refuge with me while the kids played with the rest of the Wonderpets.

Best moments of the night:

Morgan quickly got into the excitement face and statements when opening presents, repeatedly going wow, ooh and aah. Frequently followed by a slightly puzzled expression and saying "what is it?".

Ken had made a lovely fruitcake in which the fruit had soaked in rum since July (not being much of a drinker, I had one piece and got a little woozy). Toward the end of the evening as everybody were packing up and getting dressed to go, Liam disappeared into the kitchen and emerge with brown crumbs all over his face. When asked what he was doing, he said in a very satisfied said "eating cake!". I believe he fell asleep fairly instantly once they got to the car.


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