Hopped Up on Christmas Cheer

Yes, I'm still shirking my posting duties... gettin' by with minimal... revelling in being lazy. And calling it all "sharing". Herewith some images from Christmas Eve.

One of the pair of angels that used to belong to my farmor (father's mother). Only used once a year.

The singing. In Danish. Honestly, it's not as hard as JP and Ken's faces would have you believe. Although Ken has previously been known to hold forth about how Danes swallow half the syllables in every word, he's just... er... right.

Michele likes her present (please note the very seasonal pants).

Ken was nisse and really stoked about it.

Yours truly, wearing knitted goodies (by Stephanie). Yes, that's a pair of socks on my hands and a matchbook. It's now a tradition that I must pose as The Little Matchgirl (although I'm not sure she looked this gleeful).

(that last one probably taken by Michele - it's all a little hazy)


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