All Tinks, All the Time

Thank you so much for all your comments and congratulations. We’re overwhelmed with the love coming the Tinks’ way from all over the world.

And speaking of love… I knew I fell madly in love with my niece and nephew the first time I saw the raisin-sized shapes on my television. What has taken me utterly by surprise is how much that feeling was magnified once they were out. For a while, I wondered how parents do it. These aren’t my children and I’m reeling, so how do parents function with that overwhelming amount of love always there? I talked to a few people and realized that when it feels like it’s spilling over, it’s actually your heart growing another size. I’ve been verklempt for days and I haven’t even held them yet. I fully anticipate dissolving once I do so.

I’m also trying really hard to accept that I am a mere moster and doing really well, I think, with not insisting that Janne and John move in with me and bring the kidlings. My heart thinks that would be completely reasonable, but my head is talking about “space issues” (I live in a 1-bedroom apartment), but there’s always room for 1 (or 4) more, right?

Here are some other things I’m not doing:

Suggesting a timeshare. I mean, there are two - I could have one while the parentals have the other and then we'll switch.

Booking a cab to take me to them. Aside from the certain pain issues, there’s the small matter of it costing hundreds of dollars.

Moving in with John and Janne.
A one-way trip would be cheaper and give me constant access to Liam and Morgan once they're home.

Dismembering people who get to hold them before I do (not counting their parents and mormor).

Calling Janne and John many (many) times a day, demanding that they tell me every single thing that’s happened since we last spoke.

I’ve come to the realization that the best way to deal with this is to equip the parental units with miner’s helmets.
We’ll install a camera where the lamp goes and pipe the footage straight into my computer. Fair, don’t you think? Now I just need to figure out how to hook up Touch-Vision and Bob’s yer uncle!

TinkMama was sprung from the hospital Saturday and is home, much to the delight of her oldest child, Jag (he’s a cat).
Liam and Morgan are doing well and were moved from a Level 3 NICU to a Level 2 Friday evening. I’m pretty sure all your good wishes had something to do with that.

Here’re my lovies:


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