How Meditation Can Help You Cope with Chronic Illness

To cope with chronic illness, you need a variety of tools. One of these tools is meditation. In my new article for HealthCentral, I look at how meditation can help you live better with chronic illness:

"Living with chronic illness is stressful. These types of conditions are often unpredictable and require a lot of changes to how you live your life, work, and interact with your loved ones. But it’s more than that. The simple act of being can be challenging as pain, fatigue, nausea, and other symptoms accompany your every breath.

Meditation can help.

What is meditation?

In everyday speech, the word meditation can mean a number of different things. People might use it to describe daydreaming on a park bench or thinking deeply about a particular issue. However, the actual act of meditation is something very different. It is a practice of concentrating in a quiet way, focusing on the present moment. The goal of meditating is to reduce stress, help you relax, and foster personal or spiritual growth."

Read the rest of the article on meditation and chronic illness on HealthCentral.


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