Photo Friday: Christmas x2

It's still Christmas somewhere in the world, isn't it? This was supposed to go up last week, but croup got in the way.

It was wonderful to have some time off over the holidays and be able to focus on relaxing with family. We liked it so much that we did Christmas twice! First we had a grown-up Christmas Eve while the Tinks spent that holiday with their dad, and then we did it all over again with the kids. As you may have realized by now, Christmas is my favourite holiday and
the only way to improve your favourites is do them more often!

Isn't that how it works?

Somehow, we were all ready by Friday evening and Christmas Eve day was spent lollygagging and taking a lovely walk down by Sugar Beach. Which is beautiful in all weather.

This year we welcomed a new member to the Christmas family. Paul fits right in, as evidenced by him having fun with weatherstripping.

We call our traditional Christmas dinner The Best Meal of the Year and that's not just because of the food. 

After dinner, Liam and I created some hygge by the Christmas tree while he played an instrument the name of which I have forgotten, but it's from a video game. 

Where is Morgan? She threw everyone out of the kitchen so she could do the dishes. Really. And then she asked her mother if she could be allowed to do them the next day, too. We are trying to find out exactly what caused this, how to bottle it, and will offer the substance for sale as soon as humanly possible.

There was singing, as usual hilarious and joyful.

Ken was Nisse, suitably attired while distributing presents.

There was a bit of a musical theme, but we stayed away from instruments that would cause pain to listeners while the Tinks develop proficiency.

I hope your holidays were magical. Wishing all of you a very happy 2017!



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