Christmas, Tinksmas, and a Dog

Well, hi there! Remember me? I've woefully neglected the blog for the better part of two weeks while immersed in making Something Special, which I can't talk about quite yet. Stay tuned!

In between the "making Something Special," Christmas happened and it was a wonderful break from working. The weather cooperated, which after last winter means that it was warm for the season with no snow. Not very Christmasy, but not very cold, either. It is now. Cold, that is. It's minus plenty, my windows are frozen, and Lucy spends most of her time burrowed under my covers.

Yes, that lump is my darling cat. She's a bit weird.

So instead of shivering, let's travel back in time, to the warmth of Christmas.

I'd borrowed The Boy's camera, if by borrow, you mean asked to use it for a few minutes and then "forget" to give it back. But with these types of photos, I wasn't about to voluntarily relinquish it.

Christmas is, as I may have mentioned once or twice (or 45 times), my favourite holiday. The carols, the scent of pine from the Christmas tree guys on the corner, the chocolate, the love. And the parties, giving you the excuse to dress up and leave the house. Something that can be especially meaningful for a work-from-home writer.

I did go to a lovely party, in which I communed with one of my favourite people (?). She's a service dog and we have a bit of unrequited/requited love going on. She's newly assigned and no one but her person is allowed to touch her for two years while she bonds with them. And it's torture! She's the sweetest dog with a beautful face and the softest ears. Clearly needs lots of cuddles. But I'm not supposed to touch her. She is, however, allowed to touch me, so we find a way around the rules.


In many ways, it was the season of discovery. I discovered just how hard I could work, as well as a few new skills. I discovered that packages shipped on December 9 can remain swallowed up by the US postal system until well after New Year’s. If you haven’t received a Christmas card from me yet, it’s because I ordered some of my own and they haven’t arrived yet. We all discovered that seriously messing with Christmas, doing it in a double doses (because the Tinks were with their dad’s Christmas) doesn’t, in fact, mess with Christmas. More Christmas means more love and laughs an occasion to be together.

I also discovered that I'm not the only one who does this trick when needing to read or see something clearly

as well as the fun of playing with a camera that has the capacity for really specific focus

 A certain young man discovered the perils of hero worship


Speaking of love and laughter... we discovered that the Tinks share the kind of love that will see them through challenges and joys throughout their lives. A-hem.

And lastly, I discovered the joy of, for the very first time, watching someone read my book. (PS if you have a copy, I'd love to see a photo of you reading it in the wild on my Facebook page or tag me on Twitter)

Is it any wonder that I looked smug happy?



Anonymous said…
THAT's your haircut! Looks great.

Happy New Year!

Judith in Ottawa
AlisonH said…
I'm trying to figure out how to say I can't believe the Tinks are so big! without sounding like some stupid old-person cliche. And yet. Wow. Children, they change, like, a lot. They are life's reminders that time passes.

You all look wonderful!

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