Island Sunset

Last month, both The Boy and I got a new camera. Naturally, they need to be exercised fully and this was when I looked at my list of adventures. Because yes, I do have a list of exciting longer range excursions for The Boy and I to do before winter hits. I'm organized that way. Mostly, it makes him whimper.

Prominent on the list was heading to the Toronto Islands to take pictures of the sunset over the city. We did some research — because we're both that kind of person — and a nifty app told is where the sun would set and when. Ideal viewing location was Ward's Island. My Mandatory Rest Period got cut short, dinner was a slapdash affair, and then we hurried to catch the ferry. The sun was low, doing all sorts of wonderful things to the clouds and the water.

We had plenty of time to scout the area and enjoyed looking at all the Island cottages on our way. It's a completely different lifestyle and I wanted to live in most of them.

We found the perfect spot just as the Golden Hour started.

It's one thing to plan your adventure so you can be there during the Golden Hour. It's quite another to see exactly why it has that name

As the sun moved lower, everything turned orange, including The Boy and I. Part of the plan was to ask my beloved to photograph my hands with a camera for the Show Us Your Hands! September Picture Project (the theme is work), but I was alarmingly orange in the photo that I resembled one of the cast members on Dancing with the Stars gone amok, so... Well, nevermind.

It was beautiful.

And then, at 7:41 PM, the sun dipped below the top of the skyscrapers. That didn't mean it was the end of the show, though.

We watched the sky slowly darkening and the city gradually turning on the lights

And then, it was full dark. We kept playing with different settings on the cameras, getting different looks. I'm still not quite sure what I did, but somehow I managed to get two completely different views of the city. I'm looking forward to be able to do this on purpose!

I've started talking to The Boy about a winter adventure of seeing the sunrise. He'll need some convincing.


Joyce said…
Gorgeous photos! I love them all.
Diane said…
Just lovely, I love the light at sunset, too. You can try saying that sunrise is much later in the morning in the winter...
LynnM said…
Aren't they just beautiful! Looking forward to the winter pics.

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