5 Randoms on Monday

Hello, blog people! Did you miss me? I wandered off there for a while. Not deliberately, but life happened rather a lot and there has been very little time to write. 

Here are five thoughts from the last two weeks that may shed some light on what I’ve been up to:

Be careful what you wish for. The problem with working really hard to help people become empowered is that when it works, sometimes it puts you in a situation that you didn’t expect. I am now the newly minted member of a Board of Directors, thanks to a group of very empowered individuals who unexpectedly expressed their opinions. Yay for success! I think?

Inflammation Schminflammation. My rheumatologist likes for me to get blood tests done before I see her. At my latest appointment, she told me not to bother with CRP and ESR (inflammation markers), but to focus on cholesterol, kidney and liver function tests. Because CRP and ESR tests indicate the level of inflammation in the body, they are sensitive to any inflammation, not just that related to inflammatory arthritis, such as RA. Have an infection? They go up. Feeling under the weather? They go up. And so on. Since they’re not an accurate indication of disease activity, I’m supposed to focus on how my organs are doing. And they're doing just fine. (knock wood)

I have muscles there? Did you know that we have muscles between our ribs? And did you know that said muscles can be affected by mysterious events and factors, causing intense pain every time they are affected by body movements? Which, as very few moments do not include some aspect of your torso, is a lot?

Does rat poison work on groundhogs? Spring is here! 

Which we celebrated by having a snow and freezing rain “event” this weekend. It’s getting hard to summon up energy and enthusiasm. The entire northern part of North America is curling in on itself in weather-related depression. I am no exception.

Filthy lucre ain’t so filthy after all. Being paid to do accessibility assessments is really satisfying. Busy and intense, but satisfying.

What have you been up to?


Anonymous said…
I know you mean about helping people and having it turn into being on a Board.
I've had that happen several times over the years. Sometimes make me hesitate to show up to a meeting for the first time, for fear that I'll leave as President.
Don't get me wrong - it's very flattering. But sometimes I need to learn to say no.
Joyce said…
The groundhog comment made me laugh!
AlisonH said…
Costochondritis, sure, doesn't everyone get that? Except on Saturdays around here: then it's Costco-come-dread-its.
Anonymous said…
Hi Lene: Sounds like you've been busy. Reminds me of that old Irma Bombeck book, "Life is What Happens When You're Planning Other Things." But it sounds like you've been feeling well and that's marvelous.

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