Corrupting Youthful Minds

When I was young(er), I very much wanted to be a teacher. As I was finishing my Masters degree in Social Work, I seriously considered going on to do a PhD in Sociology. And then I realized that if you counted from grade 1, I'd spent 27 years in school and that was enough for a while. I'll do it in my next life, though. 

Apparently, this will not stop me from attempting to influence the next generation in a post secondary environment! Because something I wrote is now in a just-released sociology textbook.

John Steckley teaches at Toronto's Humber College and is a prolific writer. He's also very interested in the disability experience, something that very much impressed me. When he put together this Foundations of Sociology textbook, he also wanted to make it real and relevant to students. Something that definitely didn't happen in my day.

Each section of the textbook is introduced by a piece of writing from someone who lives in the experience. For the disability section — imagine that, there's a disability section! — I'm it. Or, more specifically, my post Sensitive to the D-Word is.

The editor did a beautiful job in adapting my chatty post (which primarily included lopping off the beginning). I was really impressed — whoever did it managed to make the post look hardly any different and capture my voice, only better.

I received my complimentary copy of the book a few days ago and am completely thrilled. Being published is always fun, but being published in a textbook appeals to that long-ago dream. Many thanks to John Steckley for the opportunity!


PS I've recently discovered that the email subscription stopped working and subscribers weren't getting notified of new posts. The Boy's done some magic and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it worked. 


Diana Troldahl said…
That is SO COOL!!!!!!!!
Interesting how the dream unfolds, and in this case, you didn't have to add more schooling.

Very impressive!

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