Bullying and Juvenile Arthritis: A Memory of Childhood

Writers across many HealthCentral sites are doing posts related to the theme of back-to-school. We're interpreting it widely, discussing not just going back to school, but also educting kids about various medical conditions. My contribution was to write about bullying of kids with chronic illnesses froma personal point of view:

"I flew across the schoolyard, adrenaline blocking out the pain in my ankles. Behind me I could hear the pack of five or six girls chasing me. As I ran, harder than I'd ever run before, I could feel them getting closer and closer. The bike racks were in view and to be safe, I just needed to get there, grab my bike and ride home. And then it happened. One of the girls lunged and sank her teeth into my right shoulder. I don't remember what happened next or how I got home. My next memory is of sitting on my bed, shaking."

You can read the rest of the post here.


Anonymous said…
I was bullied myself, but unfortunately, my teachers, and the principals, were not as interested in making it stop. Your post was well-written and thought-provoking. Thank you.
Zephyr said…
Great article!
Anonymous said…
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