Birthday Contest

Today is my birthday. And because it's much more fun when you celebrate with the entire internet, there'll be a birthday contest!

One of my neighbours harvested her tomatoes today and had such a bounty that she shared:

Leave a comment with your guess of how many tomatoes are in the bowl (yes, we spent part of my birthday counting tomatoes). NB: Please make sure you enter your name when you leave a comment! My damn comment system doesn't always keep track of names...

The person closest to the actual number - and channeling Bob Barker: without going over - wins an 8x10 print of any photo on my Flickr page. Or, because I'm almost a year behind updating it, any of the photos posted on the blog between last September and now.

Deadline for entry is Thursday, September 2, 2011 at 6 PM. Winner announced on Friday.


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