Spring Party

This weekend, we  gathered a bunch of people for a potluck Spring party. A few moments:
John holding up a wall and I can see the rockstar from his younger days


 I'd discovered Sunniebunniezz, an excellent source of handpupoets and many other treasure and got a pterodactyl for Liam. Naturally named Pteri and here seen perched on Janet's head

Not entirely in focus, but the best photo I've ever taken of Scott

Aryka's just over a year old and so cute you want to bite her cheeks

Vanessa and Morgan have some girl talk (Morgan's butterfly clips from Kate's Cottage)
What's a Spring party without a trip to the playground?

Liam is in heave on that slide

As is Ken...



AlisonH said…
And look Ma! No snow!
Kitten said…
Next year I'm coming to YOUR spring party.

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