Canine Extravaganza

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Last weekend, we went to Woofstock - the annual dog festival. And there were a lot of dogs. Masses.

A pair of beautiful spaniels started the day

A Basselope waited patiently in line

There were tough guys with tiny dogs

Dogs all dressed up

Dogs having a really good time

Making new friends

Having a cool treat (chicken flavoured snow cones)

Showing off the new pedicure

And zonked out after an exciting day on top of a new pedicure


Marie said…
I love doggie pictures almost as much as I love kitty pictures.
David said…
I'm a cat person. I like my pets independent and self sufficient. Woofstock is a great way of getting my dog fix every year.

And am I the only one who likes the idea of savory flavours in sno-cones? Maybe not chicken... but hmm... that could be good.
Squirrel said…
Haha, awesome.  I'd rather go to Cat-stock, but still cute.
deac-in-training said…
what fun pics! Love them!
Diana Troldahl said…
I LOVED the tough guy with his tiny pal!
Anonymous said…
All so very precious!  My dog loves chicken even more than bacon.
Pamela said…
that dog has nicer nails than I!  and teeth, too. ha ha ha ha

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