Low Clouds

Wandered out a few weeks ago to do an errand and grabbed my camera on the way out. And was very glad I did. Because this is what I saw on the way

The clouds were hanging so low you'd think Toronto was on the top of a mountain! I moved down to the corner, chasing the cloud

and then I looked down the street and saw another beautiful scene and kept going

and another

and before I knew it, I was pretty far from home. Further than I've been in ages and further than I'd have thought I could go and still be OK. Distraction is an excellent painkiller.

In the depth of the financial district, the skyscrapers positively loomed overhead

and the RBC headquarters made me think of a temple to money

Looking down towards the next light, I saw another gorgeous vista, but remembered that I'd have to go back home the same distance. I checked in with my body and it had a decided opinion that perhaps I should turn back. So I did and saw many more beautiful scenes on the way home

and coming full circle

I paid for this trip for a few days, but it was worth it!


Beautiful photos, Lene! I love it when the clouds/fog/mists drift in low and obscure the tops of the fir and pine trees--and even whole mountaintops--near my home in the mountains. Seems like its always around this time of year, too. I had no idea it happened to skyscrapers in big cities, too! And I love that red-turret building. What a contrast to the severe, linear skyscrapers that is. Different eras side-by-side. I'm glad you got out and pushed the envelope for those shots. They're outstanding and thought provoking.
AlisonH said…
Wow! Beautiful! And it wasn't just there--you saw it. Water particles suspended in the air now light and mist suspended in time in your hands.
Lovely photos, Lene!

I'd like to add to your comments re. distraction and pain. You are doing something you love, which is an excellent way to "undress stress" and lessen the inflammatory response. Keep that in mind for future forays further out afield. :)

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