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4 Stress Busters for Writers with a Chronic Illness

There are distinct benefits to working for yourself and even more benefits to having an office in your home. The commute is ideal, the dress code very relaxed, and you can set your own hours. This is fantastic when you have a chronic illness. There are also drawbacks. Recently, I’ve been forced to reevaluate how I work and manage stress (or rather, don’t manage stress) and I may have gotten a bit of perspective.

First, I wrote down the factors that contribute to my stress levels being unreasonable:
Multiple projects and roles. When you have 8 part-time jobs/roles/hats, some for pay, some not, it adds to a lot of balls to juggle.
No space for writing and thinking. The hats require so much energy and time that there isn’t room for things I want to do. Such as write my next book. Or having quiet time to think (also required for writing).
Multitasking. Lots of competing deadlines and massive influx of email. This doesn’t actually get more done. Instead, I flit from task to task and hat to hat…

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