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Happy 8th Birthday, Tinks!

It started like this 8 years ago

A couple of weeks ago, we gathered the clan together to celebrate the Tinks' 8th birthday a little early. The stars of the day hung out with friends and family. I caught Liam in a rare quiet moment

while Morgan explained something to someone. As a true Andersen woman, she has a lot to say. Of course, so does Liam. It's a family trait.

Mormor listened patiently

Scott was hanging in the corner with the cool people

Caught Raff in conversation

Aryka and Auntie Janne had a good time together

while Lana opened an impromptu hair salon

And speaking of Aryka: the torch has been passed! The kids love to ride on the back of my wheelchair. It's been a pretend train, fire truck and monster chasing another child around the room. The Tinks are verging on being too heavy for it to work well, which is a normal part of them growing up, but still saddens me. The good news is that they are more kids in the family! Aryka had her first ride and was just as thrilled a…

The Miserables


Santa and His Peeps

Last Sunday was the annual invasion of Santa hats, red noses, reindeers and marching bands. In other words: The Santa Claus Parade! And, as usual, I was in attendance. This year, I dragged my sister along.

Before we get to the festivities, I wanted to follow up on an issue mentioned in last year's post. Namely, the part where the crowd rushes to the front to see the man of the hour, without consideration for short people and those who travel seated. At that time, I had a conversation with the parade organizers on Twitter and they committed to creating a more accessible environment this year. I confirmed with them on Twitter a couple of days before the parade and was eager to see how it would work.

The street where I normally loiter had become the area where the bands' buses parked and that meant putting some crowd control in place. Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of this must've had a brain freeze. Because they can put the barricade in front of the curb cut. Sure, there…

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor about RA

This week on HealthCentral, I go back to basics...

"Your doctor has just handed you a brand-new diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. On the one hand, you’re relieved to finally have an answer, but on the other hand, your head is spinning. The next step is to find out more about your disease, but you don’t even know which questions to ask. This post helps get you started to get more information about your disease and how to live with it.

1.  Do I have to take medication?
Along with the diagnosis, it your rheumatologist will send you a prescription for medication to suppress your RA. Treating your RA is important — it helps prevent the damage that RA can cause to your joints, which protects your mobility in the future, helping you to live as normally as possible. New medications make it more likely than ever before to go into remission."

You can read the rest of the post here.

A Farewell to Underpants