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Reflections and Resolutions


A Very Tink Christmas

We were very lucky that our area wasn't affected by the icestorm for more than a day or two and didn't lose power, so we got to have Christmas right on schedule. Which naturally is Christmas Eve.

As usual, we all promised to not go haywire on the presents. As usual, we did

We ate dinner in the building's party room, which was a bit cold. Liam borrowed my hoodie, which made him look like a miniature Grim Reaper. He had a lot of fun with that.

We shall not discuss the aggravation of an 8 year old boy being able to wear your hoodie and it only being a little big for him.

After dinner, there was cuddling

and the requisite after dinner chase

When we came back upstairs to my mother's apartment, we found Muffin impatiently waiting by the presents

Carol singing came first. This is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. We each chose a Danish and an English carol and sing first and last verse of all of them, plus the one my dad always messed up. It makes it feel as if he's there,…

Glaedelig Jul, 2013

Ready or not, hear it is! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday. Eat good food, hug your loved ones and sing carols as loud as you can!

Merry Christmas!

Toronto On Ice

We had an icestorm this weekend and the city's still recovering. I'm very lucky to live in an area that didn't lose power. The primary difficulty I've experienced is that most of the attendants who provide services to me and about 20 other people have cancelled their shifts. I've been very, very happy to see the ones who did come to work!

In the middle of it all, there was beauty.

 Just look at this

It's not until you get closer that you realize the extent of the ice

Everything was encased

My neighbourhood looked like something out of a fairytale, before the happy ending.

I felt really bad for the wild critters

 Everything was coated. Every single branch

Crazy, dangerous, beautiful. Nature at its worst and best, all in one day.

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