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Strategies for Surviving Celebrations (and Daily Life) with Chronic Illness


4 Techniques to Quit Smoking for Good

One common New Year's resolution is to quit smoking. If you've made a promise to yourself and your family to kick the habit, my new post for Mango Health could be just  what you need to quit and quit for good:

"I smoked my first cigarette at 17. It made me feel nauseated, so I’m not sure why I had a second one, but I did — and that was the start of my addiction. 

I’ve since quit twice. The first time, I lasted four years before the siren song of nicotine lured me back. It took a long time before I gathered the courage to stop again. It wasn’t just that I was afraid to quit; I didn’t quit because, the truth is, I liked smoking. Let’s face it: if we didn’t like smoking, we wouldn’t waste money on a product that’s lit on fire and burned to a pile of ash multiple times a day."

You can read the story of how I finally quit and four techniques that can help you stop smoking on the Mango Health blog.

Photo Friday: Sharp Angles


Chronic Christmas and the e-book Cover Design Awards

There are many reasons I love Chronic Christmas. Working on it help me find my writing mojo again, I had a lot of fun  with it, both to creating it and talking to others about it in the months leading up to the holidays.

I also very much love to cover. When Aimee Coveney of Other Design Solutions sent the first draft to me, I found myself saying "I love it!" out loud even though there were no one else in the room. Well, except for Lucy, but she was sleeping at the time. wwith only one minor change, that first draft was the final draft

So naturally I submitted it to The Book Designer's e-book Cover Design Awards for the month of December 2016. And it got a gold star! That means it was "considered for the award or ... stood out in some exemplary way."

And this is just one more reason to love my little book.

Let’s Talk: Arthritis and Mental Health and Well-Being


Photo Friday: Path

I've been taking part in the Fat Mum Slim January photo challenge and particularly liked this one from the 14th. Follow my almost-daily photos on my Instagram account and Facebook page.

6 Tips on How to Have a Chronic Illness on Social Media