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Expect the Unexpected

Losing Weight with RA and Chronic Pain

I`ve been feeling pudgy lately. What better way to deal with it than to recruit weightloss buddies on a grand scale? This is my new post for HealthCentral:

"How do you lose weight with RA? That’s a good question, one that I’ve been stuck on for a while. These days there’s more of me than there used to be and it’s getting harder to ignore. Especially at this time of year. The promise of warmer temperatures has me thinking about spring jackets and T-shirts instead of being buried in sweaters. Closely on the heels of these thoughts came the realization that perhaps the winter added a few extra pounds. For insulation, y’know.

The formula for losing weight is a deceptively simple one: take in less calories that you use. This is often translated into the maxim “eat less, move more.” That’s difficult enough for healthy, able-bodied people, but when you have RA, you have some extra challenges to take into account. How do you make the formula work with a chronic illness? This post will give…

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