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A Flare so Bright It Lit the Sludge


In Which I Appear on the ChronicSex Podcast

Most of the time, what I do involves sitting alone in front of my computer and writing down my thoughts, then posting them somewhere and and you read them and sometimes leave a comment. I like this. It suits my introverted nature, yet at the same time it is a two-way conversation.

But one should stretch, no? Get out of the comfort zone, do something new and hopefully exciting.

Several months ago, the lovely Kirsten Schultz interviewed me for the ChronicSex podcast and my episode it live! In it, we talk about arthritis and sex, the lack of guidance from medical professionals about what to do and what to avoid, the awkwardness of asking for advice about sex, that little bit about politics, and there's a whole lot of laughing

It was a terrific experience — Kirsten and I clicked on lying quite a while ago, met in person in Toronto last year and that confirmed the click. We talked for over an hour for the podcast and it went by in no time.

You can find the ChronicSex podcast on iTunes, Sou…

Photo Friday: Ferry in Fog


Body Image and Chronic Illness: How to Be Bodacious

Chronic illness can seriously mess with your body image, leaving you feeling disconnected and far from attractive. In my new post for Mango Health I look at ways to get back to feeling bodacious:

"Where did the vibrant old you go? The person who felt at home in her own skin, who laughed and danced and took initiative? Living with a chronic illness is like living with a voracious monster that eats everything in sight: your energy, physical ability, social life, self-worth. And in some ways most devastating of all, your belief in your own attractiveness.

But just as chronic illness can take, it can also give you a unique opportunity to rebuild. To accept and love yourself even more than you did before and to become fully realized as a strong, confident person. Here are a few ways you can become bodacious.

Save your sweatsAh, sweats. They have the comfort of pyjamas and let you leave the house without looking entirely indecent. But they also make you feel invisible and decid…

Oscar Thoughts


Dealing with Nausea in Chronic Illness

I have battled nausea for as long as I've had RA, so why not write what you know? My new post for HealthCentral looks at how to cope with nausea related to chronic illness:

"Nausea is a particularly nasty symptom. Your stomach’s on a rollercoaster and you’re sure you’re going to throw up. It can occur as a precursor to vomiting, or on its own. Generally, it can happen when you have stomach flu, motion sickness, or are pregnant. But for people with chronic illness, it may be part of their every day."

See the rest of the slideshow with lots of tips on how to deal with nausea on HealthCentral.