Random August

I've been invited to Facebook a few times – the last a couple months ago where it was accompanied by a short message saying "it's a great way to keep in touch with friends!" and as my instant reaction is "that's why they invented the telephone. And email", I didn't sign up. However, this weekend my lovely sister - who can make me do anything - told me that she was on it and she found a bunch of friends through it and... well. I was bored, not in the mood to watch the Very Serious Movie in my DVD player and long story short, I lost most of the remainder of my weekend to playing around on Facebook. One note, though. In a moment of extraordinary techno-twittiness (it is too a word!), I apparently instructed the contraption to send an invitation to be my friend to everybody in my email account (i.e., to anybody I've ever emailed who are also on Facebook). Later, I was informed by someone who knows better than I did that Facebook is not like MySpace, because on Facebook your "friends" are people you know in your real life (family, friends, colleagues, etc.). Apparently, I have violated the Facebook etiquette. This means that if you have received an invitation to be my friend and you feel that Facebook should be limited to real life people, feel free to ignore/remove me - I won't take it personally. That said, I can’t help but wonder if now that I have a blog, email and Facebook, I will ever actually speak to my friends again...

And now for the link-o-rama part of today's post:

Pearl's last performance (you did see the first one, didn't you?).

Somewhere in the Philippines, there is a prison warden with a seriously demented sense of humour. Thriller was fun, as was the algorithm march and the interpretation (link added when I realized I'd been a moron) of Sister Act.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you microwaved various things? Find out here (and save the eggs for last).

I don't care where that this is staged or not, it is a wonderful reminder to find joy anywhere you go.

Last, but not least we move on to the Kindness of Blogfriends. Sometime last month, I appealed to the knitters in the crowd to help keep my mother's toes warm while she healed and was yet again reminded that knitters are a special group of people. Several of you not only signed up to be Samaritans, but you had fun with it. Initially, I got all flustered as prior to receiving these lovely gifts, my mother gone to the fracture clinic and they had removed both casts (she has now started weight-bearing on her left foot). However, they replaced the plaster cast on the right foot way is an air cast thingy of approximately the same dimensions, so it all worked out.

Denise (alas, blogless - I am a double moron today. Denise has a blog here) sent toe socks that she dyed herself with Kool-Aid and food colouring. Although they fit the replacement cast, mor uses these to keep her left foot warm. As an extra perk, it's also really helpful when transferring from chair to other places – we haven’t found good shoes yet and it helps with providing a bit of traction.

Lucia sent "toe condoms" (don't look at me like that, she's the one who came up with the term) in two different colours that go nicely with two different skirts:

And Diane went all out and came up with the following, which have caused much laughter from residents and staff:

Thank you all. They not only keep my mother’s toes warm, but were a great surprise and made her very happy.